LorAnn Oils

Color Key
GreenThese Lorann Flavors are best for Vaping.  They are water soluble, they contain no artificial colorings or tryglicerides.
 YellowThese Lorann Flavorings are vaped at your own risk.  They have artificial coloring or triglycerides.  Use your own best judgement in vaping them. Caprylic Capric MSDS Sheet says there are no harmful effects expected at ambient temperature but vapors cause irritation, coughing or breathing difficulties.CaramelFD&C Blue 1FD&C Blue 2FD&C Red 3FD&C Red 40FD&C Yellow 5FD&C Yellow 6
 RedThese Lorann Flavors are not ideal for vaping.  They are not water soluble, contain oil, etc.
 PurpleThese Lorann Flavors MAY contain Diacetyl (a flavor that is used to create a butter taste).  Diacetyl is safe to ingest, but not safe for inhalation because it causes ‘popcorn lung, aslo known as Bronchiolitis Obliterans.  **Update, I have talked to Lorann’s about this and they have said that NONE of their flavors (even the butter flavorers) have ANY DIACETYL.  That said, SOME of their flavors do contain Acetoin/Acetyl Propionyl, which can catalyze into Diacetyl, due to the molecular structure being so similar. So in truth, their flavors may contain trace amounts of diacetyl.


Item #FlavorContains WaterWater SolubleAlcoholPropylene GlycolColorGlycerineOil BaseTryglicerides
0530Almond Oil N      
0380Amaretto Flavor Y     Caprylic Capric
0700Amaretto – Nutty Flavor N    Sweet Almond Oil 
0100Anise Oil – Natural N    Natural Anise Oil 
0350Apple Flavor Y Y    
0290Apricot FlavorYYEthylYFD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1   
0250Banana Crème FlavorYYEthylYFD&C Yellow 5   
0830Bavarian Crème Flavor Y Y    
0200Black Walnut FlavorYYEthylY    
0230Blackberry Flavor YBenzylY    
0480Blueberry Flavor YBenzylYFD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1   
0560Brandy Flavor YEthylYCaramel   
0360Bubble Gum FlavorYYEthylYFD&C Red 40   
0140Butter Flavor Y Y    
0190Butter Rum Flavor YEthylY    
0210Butterscotch FlavorYY YCaramel   
0701Cappuccino Flavor N     Caprylic Capric
0600Caramel FlavorYY YCaramel   
0550Champagne Flavor Y Y    
0680Cheesecake Flavor YAlcohol  Y  
0150Cherry FlavorYYEthylYFD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1   
0702Cherry – Washington Flavor N    Sweet Almond Oil 
0170Chocolate FlavorYY YCaramel Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 2   
0820Chocolate Hazelnut FlavorYYEthyl BenzylYCaramel   
0212Cinnamon Roll Flavor Y Y    
0010Cinnamon Oil N      
0232Citrus Blossom Flavor – Natural N      
0080Clove Leaf Oil – Natural N      
0220Coconut Flavor Y Y    
0370Coffee FlavorYYEthylBenzylYCaramel   
0410Coffee – Keoke FlavorYYEthyl BenzylYCaramel   
0712Coffee – Kona Flavor N    Sweet Almond Oil Canola OilCaprylic Capric
0222Cola FlavorY  YCaramel   
0704Cool Crème de Menthe – Natural N     Caprylic Capric
0460Cotton Candy Flavor Y Y    
0870Cranberry Flavor Y Y    
0040Cran-Raspberry FlavorYYEthylY    
0510Crème DeMenthe FlavorYYEthylY    
0420Eggnog FlavorYY YFD&C Yellow5, FD&C Yellow 6, FD&C Red 40   
0430English Toffee FlavorYYEthylyCaramel   
0540Ginger Oil – Natural N      
0180Grape FlavorYY YFD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1   
0670Grapefruit Oil – Pink – Natural N      
0660Guava FlavorYYEthylYFD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Blue 1   
0708Hazelnut – Creamy Flavor N    Sweet Almond OilCaprylic Capric
0650Honey Flavor YEthylY    
0152Horchata Flavor Y Y    
0130Horehound Flavor  Ethyl     
6030Hot Chili Flavor Y    Sweet Almond Oil Natural Pepper 
0710Irish Crème Flavor N    SweetAlmond OilCaprylic Capric
0412Key Lime Flavor – Natural N    Natural Oils 
0020Lemon Oil – Natural N    Natural Lemon Oil 
0840Lemonade FlavorYYEthylY    
0300Licorice FlavorYYEthylYCaramel   
0110Lime Oil – Natural N      
0875Mango Flavor YEthylY    
0270Maple FlavorYY Y    
0716Mapel – Canadian FlavorYYEthylYCaramel   
0590Marshmallow FlavorYY Y    
0620Melon Flavor Y Y    
0860Menthol Eucalyptus Flavor – Natural N     Caprylic Capric
0850Mint Chocolate ChipYY YCaramel   
0520Nutmeg Oil – Natural N      
0706Orange Brandy Flavor N    Sweet Almond Oil 
0800Orange Cream FlavorYY YCaramel   
0060Orange Oil – Natural N    Natural Orange Oil 
0450Peach FlavorYY YFD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Red 40   
0280Pear Flavor – Natural YEthylY    
0580Peanut Butter Flavor YBenzylYCaramel   
0640Pecan FlavorYYEthylYCaramel   
0070Peppermint Oil – Natural N    Natural Peppermint Oil 
0400Pina Colada FlavorYYEthylY    
0240Pineapple FlavorYYEthylY    
0630Pistachio Flavor YAlcoholY    
0330Plum Flavor YEthylBenzylY    
0442PomegranateYYEthylYFD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1   
0390Praline FlavorYYEthylYCaramel   
0810Pralines and Cream FlavorYYEthylYCaramel   
0570Pumpkin Flavor N Y   Caprylic Capric
0160Raspberry FlavorYY YFD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1   
0714Raspberry – Royal Flavor NEthyl   Sweet Almond OilCaprylic Capric
0610Red Licorice Flavor Y YFD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1   
0340Root Beer FlavorYY Y    
0440Salt Water Taffy FlavorYYEthylY    
0120Sassafras Flavor N      
0090Spearmint Oil – Natural N    Spearmint Oil 
0320Strawberry FlavorYYEthylYFD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1   
0711Strawberry Banana Flavor N    Sweet Almond OilCaprylic Capric
0322Strawberry Kiwi FlavorYYEthylY    
0470Tangerine Oil – Natural N    Tangerine Oil 
0622Teaberry FlavorNo Spec Sheet for this number       
0500Tropical Punch FlavorYYEthyl BenzylY    
0490Tutti-Frutti FlavorYYEthylYFD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1   
0310Vanilla Butternut FlavorYY YCaramel   
0690Vanilla Oil N    Sweet Almond Oil 
0260Watermelon FlavorYYEthylYFD&C Red 3, FD&C Red 40   
0050Wintergreen Oil – Natural N    Natural Wintergreen Oil 
0030Wintergreen Oil – Artificial Y      

Source : Best Vapor Flavors


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