15 août 2015
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FLV = Flavorah


NB* Flavorah sent me these to test,
all tested at 3 & 6 % max VG none of them need the 6% i’ve stress-tested them at,
I’d guess 1-4% – 5-6 max.
Early impressions of this batch as a whole suggest they’re still bolder, stronger than the industry average but not redonkulous strong like FLV coconut, Ginger Snap snap being the more timid of the bunch.

Thai Chai
smell test; top note of ripe* or « brown »/ dried bananas.
Taste also, definite ripe/dried sticky banana /red cooked banana & a bit of cinnamon,
nicely sweet, not the chai i’m used to but i like it,
good inspiration starter!

2nd round love it!, no joke, this could be my go-to banana base.

While this is a Chai, and will see use with extra cinnamon & spice as such, Ithere will be other uses to bolster sweet & fruit & drink mixes.

Ginger Snap
getting more of a caramel/ slight molasses than ginger, mind you i adore ginger and i think only one batch of gingersnaps i’ve ever had delivered enough ginger bite for me, guessing this is a mainstream (no bad thing) ginger snap, i was hoping for an outlier, evil-twisted, face contorting hyper-ginger brandy snap.
Flavorah make a killer standalone Ginger!! and it shall be done!
6% muddies it-don’t go there.

mainstream ginger snap ..a starting point, ginger-junkies will need to trick it out. (pssst…a touch of orange could complement it)

« Be careful with Gingersnap, it appears to be a real coil/wick gunker. » A_B_Dada

worth repeating…
Flavorah _…make a killer standalone Ginger!!

smell off the bottle definitely on the candy end of the grape « spectrum »
first vape impression, weaker than i had expected, (@ 3%) judging on the smell
the flavour carries differently, thinner, and more « floral » than smell would suggest..
this flavour may be more interesting than it first appears, it obviously has recognisable TPA like grape candy volatiles, but also some nice grape skin & flesh notes, even a bit of grape jelly/pectin.

again, 2nd round I like it even more, it combines qualities of both a straight candy like grape
and a more complex, heady range of top-notes.
it has more body than most grape flavours with « floral » notes.
& a more well-rounded, grown up flavour than most grape with a grape-candy profile.

6% this is very, very good. I’m impressed!.

Aromatic grape, despite the « candy » first impression, with a good bit of grape skin, flesh & body to it.

Lemon Grass
this captures the « woody », stem part, a bit sweet, slightly « blue smoke » flavour.
@ 3% feels weak, would like more of the top & side tangy / sharp green notes
will try @ higher % to see if citrus/citrine quality can be increased while not overdoing it’s « woodyness ».

2nd round, this is a very satisfying, familiar flavour. I think they may have pitched this right, outliers can push-pull this a whole range of ways, especially in PH perception.

6% Yes.. This is encouraging,
the greeness i felt was lacking is now present,
without the stem flavour overpowering,
Though my taste would like more sharpness, that at least is something those who want it can do some citrus combination.
MMmmmmm Chlorophyll.

Cupcake Batter
smell of caramel, straight off the bottle.
Taste, yes, I can see 1.000.001 uses for this.

6% update. (don’t need to go quite that high)
Wow, like a fluffy well mixed batter, freshly baked, butter & egg yolk present & correct,

« FLV Cupcake Batter is their #1 best flavor I’ve tried of them. It’s fantastic at 3%-4% as a singular flavor. »
– A_B_Dada

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