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Recipe Calculators:

Web based:

Download :

EJuice Me Up (Windows)

HotRod’sJuice Calculator (Windows)

Scubabatdan’s: (Spreadsheetbased-Any OS that can read xls)

EZ Mix (Windows)


Liquix (Android)


Public Recipe Websites:


Botboy’s Guide to Mixing by Weight

Mixing by Weight Video

Beginners Guide:

Rocket Puppy’s Beginners Guide (incl where to get supplies-PG/VG/Nic etc):

Nude Nicotine’s e-Liquid Chemistry Educaton

Mixing Instructions from OSDIY

Mixing Guide from Liquid Barn

Where to get Flavoring spreadsheet. Includes prices, sizes, notes, coupon codes and links:

Flavor Supplier Abbreviations:

Flavor Profile Guide:

MASTER – Flavor Reviews and Tasting Notes from DIY_eJuice

PG-Free Flavorings and who sells them:

Flavoring Reviews & Discussion:

Guide to DIY Flavoring:

Where to get Bottles/Cylinders/Flasks/Supplies

Flavoring Starting % Spreadsheet:

MandyCat’s DIY Basic Tips & Tricks

How to make a simple DIY Magnetic Stirrer:

Flavor Pairings:

Flavor profiles that pair well in recipes

Flavor Pairings 2:

Danielle Smart’s DIY Flavor Profile List:

Master Mixer’s Tips and Tricks

Flavors for your first order voted on at Reddit:


Labeling Solutions


Notes on Additives and Flavor Enhancers

Notes – Additives – Flavor Enhancers from DIY_eJuice

Finding the problem when your DIY tastes bad:


HIC’s Notes/Flavor profiles on Flavor Art flavors

How to mix small batches of complex recipes

Guide to DIY Flavoring


Inawera Flavor Reviews 45 flavor


Molinberry Flavor Reviews 37 flavors


Flavor Apprentice Flavor Reviews and Starting % by Vaping Dude


Flavorah Tasting Notes


German Flavors (from Vapers Tek) reviews by wllmc


Flavor Review sub-forum at ECF


Capella Flavors weights


Flavor Apprentice flavors weights


Flavourart flavor weights



DIY Forums

Tons of information on these forums to help beginners and veterans alike.


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